Published on June 3, 2011

THIS LOOKS EASY BUT IS HARDER THAN HELL NOT TO SCREW UP. All of my RACE PARTS you see in my videos are purchased from VTcycles. He has two places to buy parts. His EBAY store is VT CYCLES HAWAII, OR “fast2wheels” EBAY stores. ANY OTHER PARTS other than ebay, you need to contact Steve, the owner, at “” . Please only contact ebay about ebay shown parts and on all other parts. I have ordered from Steve for the last ten years and virtually ALL THE PARTS IN MY VIDEOS, were purchased from him. He has Gold Plated SERVICE and Excellent Parts. Check his EBAY stores or Contact him Directly at “” for all other bike makes and parts. Thanks Steve, for all the GREAT RACE PARTS !!! RH. DSD.

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