Dodge Ram vs Dodge Durango off road

Published on October 29, 2012

Ride Ford trucks club. Met club on the ground service centre, which brought together ten American SUVs for off-road assault (slides, puddles and mud). well, for a fun time spending (grilled kebabs on the nature), etc. basically a regular machine, most of them with a rubber at. The Dodge Durango mud tires installed on Ford F250 Raptor stood 35 rinks Boris Fyodorovich at. On Dodge Ram 33 rubber at.

The ride took part, stormed the roads following cars:

Ford F250 Raptor
Dodge Durango V8
Dodge Ram
Lincoln Navigator
Ford Escape
Ford Explorer 2
Ford Explorer 3
Ford Expedition
Hammer H3

and other full drive cars.

At this time of the year to the landfill to pass difficult in view of the fact that the dirt lots, there are places where you can sit down easily on the wheels 31 MT. While moving through a puddle off and lost from room to Dodge 😉 On the last frame seen.

See for yourself, enjoy and join us.

Your club’s Ford trucks.

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