2007 Dodge Durango – Oil Pressure Sensor Light Problem

Published on December 17, 2016

Read full chronology of what I have experienced below.

2007 Dodge Durango 5.7 liter Hemi. I have been having intermittent problems where the low oil pressure sensor light illuminates and dings at me frequently. I have had two new oil pressure sensors installed, the one in there currently is a MOPAR part installed by the dealer. They told me that oil pressure was normal when they hooked up a manual gauge. I have gotten this problem to go away by changing the oil before, but it comes back. Oil level is normal and I change every 5,000 miles.


The chronology of what I have experienced is:
05/18/2016, oil light first started acting funny
05/20/2016, I replaced oil pressure switch with aftermarket switch, problem still persisted
05/23/2016, took to Dodge Dealer, they told me the aftermarket switch was “out of spec” and they installed a genuine Dodge oil pressure switch. They also said that they connected a manual pressure gauge and the readings were normal. Within 5 minutes of driving it away from the dealer the light started coming on again.
5/24/2016, I only had about 2000 miles on the oil but I decided to change it. For some reason, the light did not come back on after changing the oil, so I suspected that something must have been wrong with the oil.
12/5/2016, oil pressure light came on erratically again. The MIL illuminated with a P0521 code.
12/6/2016, only had about 2500 miles on the oil but since it “fixed” the issue last time, I changed the oil again. It fixed the problem for about 11 days.
12/17/2016, oil light behaves erratically again and MIL gives another P0521 code. I did the testing that you see in the video and since the light seemed to be accompanied by a “ticking” and “knocking” sound, I worried that I could potentially have low oil pressure. I am taking it to the dealer….stay tuned for followup.

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