New rear leaf pack on a Ford Bronco – H2#33

Published on November 23, 2017

Installing a new 11 leaf pack on my 1975 Ford Bronco. I recently did the front shock hoops and springs, and now I am installing a new set of bilstein shocks and leaf springs.

I got this lift kit from Toms Bronco Parts:

I also had to remove the rear shackle bushing and installed new bushings. And I had to sawzall some of the bolts out. The process was actually really simple once you get started.

1. Remove the old shocks and leaf pack
2. Remove the old bushing from the rear shackle
3. Install new shackle bushings
4. Install new bushings to the leaf pack
5. Install new leaf springs
6. Tighten everything down!

Trying to burn out the bushing took too long with the butane torch I had. I would recommend getting one more like this instead of the one I got:

Here are some of my favorite tools:
Ratcheting Breaker Bar:

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