2019 Acura NSX Roadster

Published on June 10, 2018

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By popularity convertible supercar is no surprise that the Japanese manufacturer decided to remove the roof of his hybrids. For now, we expect the first spy shots we see how the new NSX Roadster on tests, but, despite its presentation announced within the next few months, Honda remains very secretive about its cars and the exact date.
Every possible convertible variant of the Honda NSX model undoubtedly received identical powertrain and hardtop models. Accordingly, the car will continue to V6 unit, with the two turbocharger and 3.5 liters capacity, fitted with three electric motors operates on the combined output of 573 hp and 645.4 Nm. These figures are sufficient to accelerate new model to hundreds of round three seconds.
From this point, NSX coupe is one of the most attractive cars in its segment. Take off the roof, add a new trunk lid, a pair of reinforcements on the back and get a more beautiful car. However, the company plans Honda probably will not stop here. In fact, the brand is reportedly working on the NSX Type R for some time, and this machine will have a better performance on the straight line and the management of the current model.

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