MAKE Dirt Happen~ Finding DUAL SPORT in city~ Dad & Son Urban Stealth

Published on September 14, 2018

MAKE Dirt Happen~ Finding DUAL SPORT in city~ Dad & Son Urban Stealth
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Finding dual sport riding in the city can be a challenge. In our effort to get all the bikes modded and head out towards the great west we have had to make do what we can find. This is one such effort in making dirt happen. We have learned that when stranded in a city the best motorcycle navigation tips one can hope to have leading to adventure is the simple willingness to keep looking for dirt and have some fun. My son and I go into full redneck mode that resulted in one of the funniest vlogs we’ve done to date. Urban stealth moto tactics in finding dual sport sometimes looks like very little dirt but theres always adventure when we are willing to let go and have a little dadgum fun.


Bringing to the table, 44 years on 2 wheels… Story Moto ADV was developed to provide one identity for two primary objectives:

1. FOR RIDERS: To chronicle and share, hard-earned adventure touring knowledge and experience along with extensive mechanical skillsets for the repair, maintenance, modification and selection of adventure motorcycles and most all other aftermarket parts, accessories and gear related to both ADV and Dual Sport Riding. Our tutorials, reviews, extreme tests, stories and adventure mini-films are geared to deliver real world data in a down to earth manner purposed to assist our viewers in… A. Having the fullest experience possible while on the road / dirt. And B. Deliver every tip, trick, skill and Ace up our sleeves to insure that Story Moto ADV viewers find the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TIME & DOLLAR EFFICIENCY IN ALL OF THE ABOVE.

2. FOR EVERYONE: To be the flag we Johnson’s fly as we begin a new season of life… a life on 2 wheels. In the summer of 2018 our family embarks on an actual journey of a lifetime. And we are airing the whole thing on Youtube. Our entire belongings ( except for keepsakes and heirlooms ) will be on our backs and in our ADV luggage. We have 7 children. But hold up! Only 3 are going for the first leg out. Zane -17yrs. Josie- 16 yrs. and Oliver – 4 yrs. ( You read correctly ) We will be riding a KTM 690 Enduro R a Yama XT250 and a Honda CRF250L Rally. Our youngest, Oliver, will be in a custom car seat on the back of my 690.

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