THE BEST!! 2019 Ford Ranger Off Road

Published on September 14, 2018

2019 Ford Ranger Off Road -Ford’s announcement that it’s killing off its traditional sedans and focusing more on trucks, SUVs and crossovers was a bit of a shock earlier this year. However, if you look at the situation as ‘glass half-full’ that bodes well for a possible US-bound Ranger Raptor. The desert race-ready bigger brother F-150 Raptor is insanely popular here in the states, but as of now, even though the base Ranger is bound for our shores, the upgraded Raptor isn’t.
The Ranger Raptor seen in the video above is currently on sale in Australia, powered by a turbo diesel inline-four engine. Whether we’ll see the diesel power in the States is unlikely, but if Ford is pouring more energy into its truck lineup, and if it wants to build on the popularity of the Raptor name, building an American-market Ranger Raptor is a no-brainer. The fervor building over the upcoming Bronco should be a clear sign to the Blue Oval that Americans want a vehicle that not only looks good but can go anywhere they want. The Ranger Raptor fits that bill all too well.

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